#90 days. Easy? Right?

I’m 41 in a little over a week and I’ve had this crazy idea that I should start a 90 day challenge before my holiday in well, 91 days to be precise… It got me thinking? If you really committed to it? what could you achieve in 90 days? Physically? Mentally? Financially? Hell, I’m even thinking spiritually at this point…

So I guess I should start with what I’m hoping for and in the main it’s vain, vain and vain.

  1. I’m hoping to look great, no not just great – unbelievable in a bikini!
  2. I’m hoping to be a lot more flexible – splits on the beach photo for instagram anyone?
  3. I’m hoping to have established a longterm routine that I can stick to.
  4. I’m hoping I will learn a little about my self during this process.

So the first thing I think I should do, is set some time that I can dedicate to it…. every single day..

Hmm, how long should i dedicate? Okay 2.5 hours out of 24 is roughly 10% and I can definitely manage to spend 10% of time on a goal/s.


Second, is to have some accountability – that means photos. Before and afters (i can spend hours looking at those….)

So that means a post of where I am at on Day 1. Yikes, I think i just broke out on a dread cold sweat!

I will also post the rules of the challenge and the plan i’m going to follow.

I will post measurements. (Holy moly batgirl I am really serious).

My final post for this will be before and after photo’s in shorts and sports bra and measurements.

Well that’s what I’m going to do… Now just need to stick to it.

If you fancy joining me on the journey then just check in with my blog everyday!




Something in the eyes

This is my first post on the new blog, one of many I’ve started over the past five years. So what Am I writing about? What do I have to say? I am not really sure at the moment. There’s a need to express in script how I feel but I’m not even sure that I can string the words together…

Life has been wondrous and kind and momentous. It has also been cruel and cyclical and mean in equal measure. I passed a landmark, a number recently that makes me want to re-assess, to take stock…

So here is the first post. My first post. on the new blog.